Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why yes Ms. Juniper, it is easy as I make it look...

Said our Man of the Hour, with a sly smile, in between sips of Sweet Tea.

Yeah...about that. No, no it's not, Kevin. It's NOT easy to throw eight innings of five hit, one-run ball. Ever. In fact, it's pretty damn hard. Not very many people can do it.

You did, though, so you are our MotH:

With Pat "Wonky-Robot-Sidearm WAITHE'SGONNATHROWOVERHAND nope he's throwing submarine" Neshek's cyborg implant in for servicing, you need to rest the bullpen. You did just that. And it was awesome.

Well, tomorrow we can win our 5th series in a row. That would be stellar. So, you know...umm...let's do just that.

Oh, and Kevin - easy on the sweet tea. We don't need another Mijares on the pitching staff.


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