Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And a fine home opener it was indeed!

That's a great way to break in the joint, boys. Excellent work.

A 5-2 win over The Boston Red Sox? check.
A six inning, one run start from Carl Pavano? you bet.
Timely hitting leading to runs? Damn straight.
A dinger in later innings for some extra comfort? Why thank you.
A balmy 65 degree day for a baseball game, in April, in Minnesota? How nice.

As for the Man of the Hour, well, there's two again. It's almost becoming a trend.

First up is the local boy done good for his family and friends, and justly rewarded with a gigantic contract that keeps him here for the rest of his career as it was meant to be, Joe Mauer:

Wy this picture, and why no photoshoppiness? Well, Joe is relaxed here, taking it easy, the way he makes the game look so damn easy because he's so damn good at it. And I don't photoshop any pictures of Joe because I need something for my lady readers to enjoy. And they do enjoy oggling Joe. As is witnessed by this young lady:

Well said, MW. Well said.

Anywho, Joe had a great day - 3 for 5 with two doubles and two RBI's.

Our co-MotH is a man who also had 3 hits, and two RBIs - the second one being the aforementioned 7th inning tater to give our boys a 3 run lead. Jason Kubel:

Well, no blog tomorrow...day off...and then the boys are back on Wednesday for a 12:05pm game that I get to watch before work! Let's hope it's a good one, so that I walk in with a big smile on my face.

Go Twins!

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