Friday, April 23, 2010

When your team needs to bounce back from an awful loss...

...try Kansas City Royals! Relief for an offensive shutdown since 1999 (except for the 2004. Or was it 2003? I'm to lazy to look it up).

Well, Pavano was, by all accounts, On Point throughout the game. And two earned runs through seven innings (off of four hits, no walks, and five K's) is a solid line. Solid enough to be the MotH? Why the hell not?

Why yes, Carl. It IS Hammertime!

Speaking of hammering things, Jim Thome hammered that ball in the 5th inning a long ways. He also drove in two runs on a ninth inning double, for a total of 3 RBI. Co-MotH honors? You betcha red rider!

Yes, it's a "Jim Thomer Hanky." Yes, I realise it's a horrible pun. No, I don't care.

Well, we can get our fifth series win tomorrow. So let's get our fifth series win tomorrow, and remember, kids - don't drink and try to come up with a nickname for Jim Thome on your Twin's blog.

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