Thursday, June 14, 2007

Men of the Hour, June 14th, 2007

See what you get for driving in the winning run, Michael Redmond?

You get MotH number two, that's what you get.

Now put on some GOSH DARN PANTS!

Now, summya's might be thinking Mr. Santana deserves the award, what with two only earned runs and nine strikeouts through seven innings. And you're right. So, Mr. Supernatural Smooth, you also get to be the MotH. Nice thing about the word man - it's plural form (men) also starts with an "m." Of course, that works for alot of words, but it doesn't make it any less convenient.

How do you spell MotH?

Why, you spell it "M-o-t-H," naturally. But here's some mathy goodness for you:

9 innings (= rest for our bullpen!) + no walks + new baby = win (= MotH).

Excellent rebound from the previous start. Now think how nice it would be to not need to rebound.

Close seconds to Lew for his first HR of the year.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately - got promoted at work, kinda busy, but it's settling down. As for the previous two games:

June 10 MotH is J-Bart from Jasonville. I hope naming him MotH isn't an error. And Boof? You're a lucky man. Might want to make sure it's still legal to buy gifts for the guys on your own team, though.

June 12 can't be anyone other than Torii. You drive in the first two runs, steal third, then tie the game because of an erronious throw on your steal attempt. Please don't leave us. Ever. Because you'd look sucky in pinstripes. And Slowey? Keep it up, kid.

I am still convinced that Pat Neshek is a robot. But a very advanced robot. Like Data from ST:TNG, only without the jaundice and malfunctioning emotion chip. Luckily, he's a good robot, like Optimus Prime. Sure, he can't turn into a giant-ass robot or a semi (not even a semi-colon!), but I bet Optimus Prime would look really stupid trying to throw that carny-sidearm-waveform-thingamajobbie delivery Neshek has. I hope he has a patent.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I must have jinxed their mojo.

Over-Praising Carlos Silva.

Salivating at the thought of interleague play.

Well, at least Ramon Or-

-I'm not even gonna finish that thought.

Tommorrow's another day, though, and another game, and I sit in anticipation of-


Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Littlest American Hero.

And so, with the gift given to him by the green guys, Little Nicky Punto earns his first MotH.

That said, we really need to win games not pitch by Slowey. Actually, we need to win games pitched by Slowey and the other guys - especially when the much-maligned Carlos Silva only gives up one run in eight innings. (I know, I already mentioned it, but since everyone hates on him I gotta give him some man-love).

The days in between Slowey's starts, for the most part, sucked. Especially June 4th - man did that blow.

That's OK, though - we have interleague play coming up. And we know what happened last year during interleague play. We kicked ass. So let's do that again.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

June 2, 2007


Dear gosh allcensored was that painful. Poor Carlos. I mean, I know it sucks that Bradke's gone, but do you have to torture an endangered species from the mist-mired hills of Africa?

Where the **** is Jane Goodall when you need here?

Thanks for trying, Castillo - I'm not mad at you. The rest of you, though, listen up:

The next time the much maligned Carlos Silva pitches 8 innings, only giving up one run, YOU BETTER WIN THE FREAKIN' GAME!

Well, that was typed, so unless someone read it to you, you probably didn't hear anything. But you get my point.

S'Okay, though. You have a chance to win the series tommorrow, with Johan on the mound. Cleveland lost, so you didn't lose any ground for the division lead (though you did drop a game in the Wild Card, but we Twins Fans say "F" the Wild Card!) and the Bitch Sox lost, so you don't have to look over your shoulders in their direction any more than you may or may not be doing (are pirahnas capable of such neck flexibility?).

Sorry I yelled, guys. Daddy's just tired. Daddy works really hard to afford TV and internet to watch you guys play and gets emotional when he knows you could do better. Tell you what - don't tell mommy, and I'll buy you a pizza.

Slowey's off to a fastey start.

OK, yeah...that was horrible. But the game kicked ass. Nice to see a new pitcher off to a great start. Let's hope he doesn't Baker himself out.

Neshek continues to be an out-whoring robot of a pitcher.

Nathan went back to being this guy:

But we still won, so I'll forgive him.

This Time...