Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Littlest American Hero.

And so, with the gift given to him by the green guys, Little Nicky Punto earns his first MotH.

That said, we really need to win games not pitch by Slowey. Actually, we need to win games pitched by Slowey and the other guys - especially when the much-maligned Carlos Silva only gives up one run in eight innings. (I know, I already mentioned it, but since everyone hates on him I gotta give him some man-love).

The days in between Slowey's starts, for the most part, sucked. Especially June 4th - man did that blow.

That's OK, though - we have interleague play coming up. And we know what happened last year during interleague play. We kicked ass. So let's do that again.


twins15 said...

Well, not such a great start for interleague play this year. :(

angryscott said...

Yeah...yeah. Not much else to be said.