Thursday, June 14, 2007

How do you spell MotH?

Why, you spell it "M-o-t-H," naturally. But here's some mathy goodness for you:

9 innings (= rest for our bullpen!) + no walks + new baby = win (= MotH).

Excellent rebound from the previous start. Now think how nice it would be to not need to rebound.

Close seconds to Lew for his first HR of the year.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately - got promoted at work, kinda busy, but it's settling down. As for the previous two games:

June 10 MotH is J-Bart from Jasonville. I hope naming him MotH isn't an error. And Boof? You're a lucky man. Might want to make sure it's still legal to buy gifts for the guys on your own team, though.

June 12 can't be anyone other than Torii. You drive in the first two runs, steal third, then tie the game because of an erronious throw on your steal attempt. Please don't leave us. Ever. Because you'd look sucky in pinstripes. And Slowey? Keep it up, kid.

I am still convinced that Pat Neshek is a robot. But a very advanced robot. Like Data from ST:TNG, only without the jaundice and malfunctioning emotion chip. Luckily, he's a good robot, like Optimus Prime. Sure, he can't turn into a giant-ass robot or a semi (not even a semi-colon!), but I bet Optimus Prime would look really stupid trying to throw that carny-sidearm-waveform-thingamajobbie delivery Neshek has. I hope he has a patent.

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