Friday, April 9, 2010

So many missed opportunies, so many men stranded on base...

...but we won, so it's all gravy, baby.

Not only did we win, we won WITHOUT a long ball. We won like we won most of the games in Gardy's tenure - stringing together some timely hits and plate patience leading to walks; effective, if somewhat ugly, starting pitching followed by bullpen excellence; and by capitalizing on the other teams errors. In short, we went into ChiTown and dropped some Piranha on 'em. Which is fitting, since Ozzie gave us the nickname.

It wasn't a pretty game, that's for sure. Bases loaded and no outs in the first? That should usually lead to some runs. But not tonight. Generally, you don't win when you strand 13 men on base. But we worked around it, and J.J. Hardy got the hit we needed to with Mauer on 3rd base in the 11th. Which makes J.J. tonight's MotH:

And yes, "The Baseball Card Conspiracy" is an actual Hardy Boy's adventure. Google it if you don't believe me.

I'll see you after work tomorrow, and GO TWINS!

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