Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two hell with it.

I was hoping to only have one MotH award today. It seems like I've been dishing 'em out like digital candy. So I told myself, "Ok, self - only one MotH today. Them's the rules."

Yeah, well - Rules are made to be broken. By rebels. And I'm a rebel. Not a rogue, though - they tend to be ill-informed, stupid, and full of horses**t.

But I digress. On to the awards:

First up is our new second baseman, Orlando "Florida, up North to" Hudson "Bay."

Which is about as far as he smashed that baseball in the seventh inning. Damn.

The other MotH? Mr. "Dead Man Walking," John Rauch.

Why? Because every save he collects makes the season-long loss of Joe Nathan hurt a little less. I figure I'll keep giving him encouragement as long as he keeps giving the team saves. That, and he's a big fella, and I don't want to piss him off.

OK, well, we won the series today, but let's go for the series sweep tomorrow so we can break out those brooms.



Tricia said...

Nice photoshopping! How could anyone not love a blog about the Twins, especially where the author of said blog also thinks rogue-y type people are full of it?

angryscott said...

Thanks Tricia. I'll be reading your blog as well as adding a link. Great day to be a Twins fan, isn't it?