Friday, April 16, 2010

7 IP + 0 BB + 2 ER + 6 SO = MotH.

Ok, so that's not a real equation. I don't care. All I care about is that Scott Baker threw one hell of a ball game, going seven strong innings (and he could have gone an eighth, based on the pitch count, had Gardy allowed). Any time he can do that, we're all but guaranteed a win. So, Mr. Baker, you get yet another MotH award to place on your (virtual) fireplace:

Of course, run support never hurts a starting pitchers performance. Especially against Cy Young Winning opposing pitchers. So a second MotH (it's becoming a damned theme this season) to the man who got us on the board early in the ballgame with a 2-run double (and ended the day with 3 RBI), Michael Cuddyer:

So tomorrow we have game 2 of the three game set. As much as I want to sweep the damn Royals, I'll be happy with a series victory. So, rest up boys, and GO TWINS!

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