Sunday, August 5, 2007

So, how do you follow up an eight inning one run gem?

Why, with an eight inning, NO run gem.

Complete with Lego-Vision worthy dive for a bunt into a double play (hint hint, Anne!)

So anyway, yeah: Your second consecutive start = your second consecutive MotH. Booyah!

Of course, I can't forget Castilla who drove in the winning - and only (*cough* o'fer'12 CMH *cough*) - run tonight. So, lemme pause this post and go whip something up (NOTE: you will not be subjected to an actual pause, only a simulated pause, as witnessed by the dots below)


Yeah, yeah. Too obvious. Whatever.

4.5 out, bitches!


Karleeee said...

You are a hoot and a half.

So if we were using that in dollars.
And a hoot is a one dollar bill.

You would be a dollar 50.

Oh yes.

angryscott said...

Thanks for your kind(?) comments.

And after giving me your two cents worth, I'm now at $1.52!

K-Mart, here I come!

PS - A link to your blog is forthcoming, post-haste.