Sunday, August 26, 2007

MotH, August 25, 2007

Holy hell, boys. Great game. Ye Olde Pirate Matt GaRRRza got hi'self in some jams, but managed to escape with minimal damage, and his jolly crew carried the load for the six thru ninth innings.

However, he's not the MotH. Four walks is NOT a MotHworthy performance.

Kudos to Torii for the three-run dinger.

However, even a three-run shot wasn't enough to get the MotH.

Driving in two runs (the second one being the one to win the game, even if no more runs were plated) and making a twisty-turvy-lopsided catch-and-glove-toss-to-LNP for an out (and quite possibly saving a run) all while going four-fer-four is. So, J-Bart from Jasonville, welcome to the MotH.

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