Thursday, August 9, 2007

How do you go Oh-fer-a Zillion with RISP and still win?

You DON'T. For the love of the game, IT'S INFREAKIN' POSSIBLE!

Matt, buddy, awesome game. Too bad your teammates don't realize that a pitcher with no run support is like a pirate with no treasure. You still rocked though, Mr GaRRRza. I can't believe you're one-and-three. Call Bradke, see how he dealt with it.

To those of you who got on base, stole second, drew walks, way to go. But it's all meaningless unless someone drives you across the plate. And no one did. And I bet you're even more frustrated than I am.

Smell 'em? Smell 'em? The only thing I smelled tonight was ass-bats and missed opportunities galore.

Dammit anyway.


Karleeee said...

I'm glad beer makes me happy.
Not while they are one.
I'm a mean drunk when they lose.

But an hour afterwards I'm a happy drunk.
Because I foget what happens.

I need to stop drinking, hahaa.

angryscott said...

Drunk blogging, folks. It's a problem that affects all of us. For more information or assistance, call someone else.

Karleeee said...

I didn't even drink during tonights game. And I still feel as if I have a hang over.

Walk off home runs thats aren't our's makes me sad.

And I read my previous comment.
I sure know how to spell and make sense while under the influence, really.

I need to be caged.