Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bam! Boom! Whoosh!

Nineteen hits + Eleven Runs + every starter got a hit (LNP got a DOUBLE! He hit the ball about...a hundred and twenty times his height!) + We gots teh win = 3, yes THREE MotH.

3 hits, a two run homer, and 3 RBI for both these guys:

And four-for-five with a RBI for this gentleman:

Why yes, I agree! A great day for golfing! AND Baseball!


Katie said...

You baseball-y photoshopping skills make me love you a little bit.

angryscott said...

I'll take a little love. But I'd gladly trade it for a little friggin' RUN SUPPORT FOR OUR RESIDENT FRIGGIN' PIRATE!

Karleeee said...

I love me some pirate pitching action.

But I also love dem rbis.

This game made me smile.
Reminded me of they should and used to play.

Then they decide "ehhh lets just get swept..okay boys? Let's make katie and karlee's heads explode with anger,confusion,disgust and sadness. GO TEAM!"

They are ass-bats. To le fullest.