Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First things first...

This is not a blog about RBI's, WHIP's, ERA's, BB's, K's,HBP's, 2B's, or other stats, although they will be mentioned at times. It's not about strategy, roster moves, or game day line-ups, although they will be scrutinized, praised, or damned at times.

It's just about those plucky piranahs from the plains, the Minnesota Twins. And an excuse for me to write (what I hope are) humorous columns about them, to give you added cheer when they win, and a chuckle when they lose. Kinda like Bat-Girl. Or Pulling a Blylevin.

I will decide the Man of the Hour. The guy that you'd buy a beer for after a win and regale with stories about how your pee-wee T-Ball team would've taken state if your stupid coach hat let you bat instead of his kid.

And just to get things started, my favorite picture of a Nick Punto slide-to-be:

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