Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aye, be careful not to cross him, ye scurvy scallywags!

I mean, of course, Matt GaRRRRza.

The terror of the diamond-shaped green seas, sitting on his earthen mound of a crows nest, shooting his cannon through opponents' scoring averages, leading his team to victory over the heinous Captain CheesebuRRRgeRRR Sabathia.

OK, enough pirate lingo. But DAMN. A 1.38 ERA through 26 1/3 innings?


11 strikeouts today?


And thanks to some ass-battiness and an error, he's only 1 and 2 with a no decision.

Not to throw away the rest of this season, because the Tigers and Indians are strugglin' just at the right time to make a surge - AND WE CAN DO IT - but imagine our starting line-up next year with Johan, Matt (if this impressive streak continues), and the Frisco Kid.


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