Monday, March 31, 2008

What time is it? It's Valentimes!

Er, I mean it's time to blog through another season of Twins Baseball.

Well, we got the season started off on the right foot. Seven innings from the starter, followed by the NnN boys with two scoreless innings. Three stolen bases setting up two of the three runs scored.

Unfortunately, we also saw a few of last years schenanigans. Only two extra base hits, both doubles, out of ten hits total. Lots of outs with RISP. Nine men left on base.

But we got the win against an Angel's team that added weapons to the 4th best offense in the AL last year - including their new superstar center fielder (who went 0-fer-4).

So, today we have two MotH, and it's both their first time winning the least coveted award in baseball. Because it's their first regular season game as Twins.

For seven innings pitched (6 of them pitched well), 2 earned runs. and being the calm, collected veteran on opening day Gardy wanted you to be, I present te MotH to Livan "On the Edge" Hernandez*:

*Pulling a Blylevin already coined Livan on a Prayer, so Ihad to go with the second-most-obvious song, sung by Aerosmith.

The second MotH goes to new center fielder Carlos Gomez. In the lead-off role, Gomez got two hits, stole a base, and scored the first and the third (and winning) run.

No photoshoppiness here; just a high-five for getting the first of what I hope are many wins this season:

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